Videos - «Le Musée au défi. Quels rôles pour l'innovation numérique?»

On the occasion of the International Museum Day, find all the videos of the symposium online


On the occasion of the International Museum Day on Sunday May 13th, whose theme this year is "Tag, share, like -the hyper-connected museum", PLATEFORME 10 is publishing the videos of the interventions of the international symposium "Rising to the challenge. Digital innovation in museums" which took place from 26 to 28 April 2018 in Lausanne.

  1. Martijn Pronk - "Connecting with Vincent's Friends" The Digital Communication Strategy of the Van Gogh Museum

  2. Nadine Wietlisbach - "Curating the Photographic as an Interdisciplinary Practice"

  3. Merete Sandehoff - "What's the social impact of digitizing museums?"

  4. Oonagh Murphy - "Redefining the Museum for a Digital Age"

  5. Lilith Manz - "Going Digital. The Role of the Curator in the Age of Social Media"

  6. Zhang Ga - "Working the Present, Activating the Future"

  7. Olivier Glassey et Carolina Liebling - « Entre fantôme digital et présence corporelle : questionner l’expérience muséale à l’ère numérique »

  8. Boris Magrini - "Curating and collecting digital art at HeK Basel: an evolving practice."

  9. David Dufresne - « La Réalité augmentée au service de la nouvelle muséographie »

  10. Carolyn Royston - "Using Visitor Journey Mapping as a driver for change"

  11. Kajsa Hartig - "The Museum Experience as Digital First – Strategic approaches to content, conversation and audience engagement"

  12. Susan Hazan - "Performing the Digital Museum"

  13. Inka Drögemüller - "The Digital Expansion of the Städel Museum"

  14. Silvia Filippini-Fantoni - "Enhancing Visitors Experiences through Technology"

  15. Anne-Josée Lacombe - « L’expérimentation au service de l’art : la médiation numérique au Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec »
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